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Fact is Phil has damage the sport with his personality he doesn’t belong there! Its funny when I went to Arnold this year and Kia line is wrapped around the building with a 4hr wait to see him and Phil booth u can walk right up to because there not one person in line! He knows he a Asshole I think the bitch needs his ass whoop! He is so FAKE!!! And everyone knows including Phil that Kia should of won 3 years ago and it will haunt Phil to the day he dies it will be brought up the rest of his life! He’s salty!!! Kias the people’s champ!

Jury acquits ex-Baylor baseball player in cat killing; charges dismissed vs. 2nd player
(Mar 20, 2002)
Alleged cat killer's attorney said animal was not tortured
(Jan 31, 2002)
Hearing held for men accused of killing cat; one shows up
(Jan 10, 2002)
Pretrial hearing postponed for BU athlete who allegedly killed cat
(Aug 8, 2001)
Pre-trial hearing for BU athlete accused of killing cat may be delayed (Aug 3, 2001)
Waco Tribune-Herald

Baylor students formally charged in cat killing (May 21, 2001)
Austin American Statesman

Waco community angry over BU's lack of discipline for cat killing (Apr 17, 2001)
The Daily Texan (AP)

Baylor Lifts Suspension of Players (Apr 7, 2001)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Baylor concludes cat-killing investigation without revealing findings (Mar 29, 2001)
Amarillo Global-News

Baylor suspends 2 players charged with killing, beheading cat (March 22, 2001)
The Arizona Republic (AP)
Waco, TX

My 19 year old daughter has been going through a tough time and we are running out of ideas. Starting 5 years ago she went through anorexia which she has come through very well. She started eating healthy working out and then got on the high protein diet and after a year got into a bit of trouble she became constipated and was having to manually help herself go to the bathroom then she developed a pocket in her rectom and then she developed a rectal prolapse that has since eased slightly. She was constipated for 6 months before she told us because we had told her to back off on the protein but she disnt. She has tried psyllium husk, garlic and coconut oil suppositories, some silver liquid stuff her and my wife found on line. Her poop comes out in little balls and she still has to help them come out sometimes with a enima sometimes her fingers he has done a body cleanse and went and had colonic for 3 months. She is on a cleanse to rid her body of yeast. We have been to the doctors and they couldn’t tell us much didn’t even know what rectal stenosis was just said her rectum was thick but didn’t know what caused it. We have done the internet research. High fiber, lots of water, to much water is bad dilutes the electrolytes, eating coconut oil on things, olive oil only eats fish and chicken no carbs has cut out about all sugar. Eats veggies and fruit almond butter fruit smoothes for awhile probiotics magnesium supplements and powders. Some of the things I have mentioned are out of order but just wanted to list many things we have tried. We don’t want her to have surgery but we need ideas she uses a squaty potty. If anyone has any ideas please email me we are desperate she is very depressed just wants to poop normal this kid has not had a normal life for the last 5 years. Please help we are desperate!!!!

Tiny meeker steroids

tiny meeker steroids


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