Tamoxifen steroids

Product name: Tamoxifen
Alias: Nolvadex-D;tamoxifen(z)
Trade names: Nolvadex, Istubal, Valodex, Genox
Tamoxifen  CAS Registry Number: 10540-29-1
Tamoxifen Einecs No: 234-118-0
Tamoxifen  Purity: 99%
Tamoxifen  MF: C26H29NO
Tamoxifen  MW:
Character: White crystalline powder.
Usage: For the treatment of advanced, recurrent breast cancer and ovarian cancer and other illnesses. Used as an antineoplastic raw materials.
Other drugs in same class:Anastrozole,Letrozole,Tamoxifen citrate,Exemestane

Oral steroids cycle is no different from taking these drugs in injectable form. It is important to pay special attention to how to take them. Oral anabolics are used in the same dosage, and injectable form, but they are worth sharing on multiple techniques, as they adversely affect the liver. Typically, oral steroids for sale used 2-3 times a day before or after a meal. It anabolics in pills form is very difficult to detect during inspection at the competition, and therefore resorted to them not only for inexperienced beginners but also athletes who are already professionally engaged in bodybuilding, heavy or athletics.

To strengthen the anabolic properties of testosterone, more than 100 synthetic steroid derivatives have been described for human purposes. The anabolic effect promotes protein synthesis, muscle growth and erythropoiesis. In clinical practice, substances with anabolic effect are needed to overcome various catabolic states. However, none of these compounds are devoid of androgenicity. Androgenic and anabolic properties of anabolic steroids cannot be totally separated. Therefore, it is more appropriate to use the term anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS).

Tamoxifen steroids

tamoxifen steroids


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