T3 and anabolics

Now some will (and may rightly) point out that the study was only in men and women’s bodies may be different. And they are correct; I’ve written about this myself (my odd little book on Bromocriptine talks about it in some detail). Certainly women’s bodies do some strange things in this regard, they are more evolutionarily, err, evolved, to hold onto calories and fat stores than men (and there’s some profoundly goofy shit that can occur where they shift upper body fat stores to their legs, discussed in my book The Stubborn Fat Solution ). So I suppose it’s conceivable that there might be a woman or three for whom this could occur. Maybe. Not that that woman has ever shown up in a well-controlled study in 50 years. But I suppose she might exist. She probably rides my invisible unicorn.

T3 and anabolics

t3 and anabolics


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