Steroids transformation before and after

I'm looking for something new, several years i'm doing each muscle group at the certain day and do not mix them. Like Monday chest & biceps, Wednesday back and triceps, Friday Legs and shoulders. And it's really hard to stay all other days without a visit to the gym!!! One more thing is if I do legs only once in the week, every time its like a first time! I mean painful. What you think if I would change it to Muscle & Strength Intermediate Full Body Workout would it do any better? And what should I do the other days as can't keep my self home :) by the way im 35.
Thanks in advance!

At the first exact square, fell obsessively in love with a man on our first date and did not want to break things off after our second date but red flags went up and as I’d swore to myself that if red flags presented with a new relationship I would not proceed with the relationship no matter what, I had to follow through and break it off. One of the most difficult things ive ever done and not a single day has passed that i havent thought about him several times. He is my ghost boyfriend and I really have appreciated the simplicity of such an arrangement altho it’s appeal is finally receding. Pluto requires acknowledgment of truth, and takes the thing we want the most, and Venus presses us to live by our values, so this square has presented opportunity to truly live by my values, which i could see were not in sync with his, so the hard reality of the situation was to choose values and walk away. Or from another perspective, maybe i overreacted to what seemed like red flags in order to control the situation (Pluto) and avoid facing my feelings, which again were either an obsessive flood of compulsion fueled simply by chemicals or a real connection worth exploring despite what seemed to be a lack of solid ground via a person of dubious trustworthiness. Regardless, the task of the Pluto/Venus square doesnt change: deeper understanding and relationship with one’s values, however you get there, and i wasn’t up for the possibility of another bloody war. That second date did make me aware of an unconscious fear i had no idea existed in connection with my father’s terminal illness and early death in my adolescence – and i am rarely surprised by such realizations, however since meeting this epic guy Ive had zero interest in dating and without the high stakes of a deep relationship, I can’t say whether or not I’ve gotten any further along with that. It’s all been quite weird and painful and i look forward to the day he is no longer in my thoughts; in the end though, i am satisfied for choosing values over an inevitable and uneccessary mess that only offered the same opportunity to arrive at the same place of consciousness i would have had to arrive at at this point in time anyway.

Steroids transformation before and after

steroids transformation before and after


steroids transformation before and aftersteroids transformation before and aftersteroids transformation before and aftersteroids transformation before and aftersteroids transformation before and after