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The research object leaves kerehau obtained from the village of Muara District Muara Aloh Muntai, made crude drug samples are extracted using maceration method by ethanol 70%. Then examined the macroscopic, microscopic, these characterizations include: water assay, assay of soluble extract in water, soluble extract assay of ethanol, the determination of ash content and assay of acid insoluble ash is then performed phytochemical screening. Data were analyzed using descriptivemethods.
The characterization results simplicia, macroscopic kerehau has green leaves, pointed leaf tip, leaf base tapering, serrated leaf edge, the shape of elongated leaves, a single leaf, leaf arrangement pinnate, pinnate leaves arrangement of bones, flesh soft thin leaves, leaf length 10,5- 14 cm and 4-6 cm wide leaves. Microscopic hair bulbs discovered fragment identifier cover, file vessels, glands hair, and stomata calcium oxalate crystal anisositik. The water content of %, water soluble extract content of % ethanol soluble extract content of %, ash content of 6%, acid insoluble ash content of 1%.

Carica  pubescens Lenne & K. Koch is one of the species in the tropics, which adapt to the plateau environment and low temperatures. In Indonesia, this plant is found at Cangar, Bromo, and Dieng Plateau. This study aims to determine the results of phytochemical screening and total flavonoids in fruit samples were taken from the third place. Qualitative and quantitative tests carried out in the Laboratory of Department of Biology and Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology , Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University, Malang . Analysis of total flavonoids using a spectrophotometer at λ = 510 nm. The results of qualitative phytochemical screening tests on samples of C. pubescens fruits at Cangar, Bromo, and Dieng Plateau shows that the positive sample contains flavonoids, polyphenols, tannins, and triterpenoids. Quantitative test results show that the C. pubescens at Cangar contains  total flavonoids quercetin equivalent with value 800 mg / L, Bromo with value mg / L, and Dieng Plateau with value mg / L, respectively.

Skrining fitokimia steroid

skrining fitokimia steroid


skrining fitokimia steroidskrining fitokimia steroidskrining fitokimia steroidskrining fitokimia steroidskrining fitokimia steroid