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He won his pro card in 1985 and promptly made a statement by winning his first contest, the 1986 Night Of Champions. He would go on to win six more pro contests before hanging up his posing trunks in 1995, but it may be his competitive losses that better define the greatness of the Texan. In 1989 and 1990, Labrada took second at the Olympia to the other legendary Lee of his era, Haney. In both years, it was a case of a good big man versus a good little man. Although the old axiom did hold true in the end, Labrada was actually a few points ahead of Totalee Awesome Haney after a few rounds of prejudging in 1990. A case could be made for Labrada deserving the title of “Uncrowned Mr. Olympia.” Regardless, Labrada’s proportions were unquestionably Olympiaworthy.

5'9", 160 pounds

Slater is the Babe Ruth of surfing. The legendary rider has won 11 Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Tour Championships and is by far the most decorated competitor in the sport's history. (Not to mention the most recognized surfer in the sport.) At 20 years old, he became the youngest man to win an ASP title, and three years ago he became the oldest. He mixes in traditional strengthening and endurance exercises with yoga to keep him strong-yet-limber on the long board. Despite being in phenomenal shape and still able to beautifully carve a wave at age 42, Slater is so humble that he refuses to compare his talents with other great athletes.

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My name is Melanie Denny. In April 2013 I competed in my first figure competition at the NANABF Natural Pittsburgh, and I placed 4th and 5th at that competition. I knew that I wanted to get back on stage and hopefully place better than my first show; however, I needed the right person to direct me. That’s when I contacted Stasi Longo. Stasi was instrumental to me during my contest preparation. I met with Stasi every few weeks at which time she assessed and evaluated my posing technique. During our meetings, she also monitored my weight, fat loss, and muscle gains. Stasi developed different training routines for me to work on that included specific attention on developing my symmetry.

Physique of greatness steroids

physique of greatness steroids


physique of greatness steroidsphysique of greatness steroidsphysique of greatness steroidsphysique of greatness steroidsphysique of greatness steroids