Pharma grade steroids vs underground

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Epo-mimetics - STATegics, Inc., a company in South San Francisco, CA, specializes in the discovery and development of small molecule modulators of cytokine receptors. Lead compounds include potent and selective activators of the tissue protective erythropoietin receptor, a potential target for treatment of FA. STATegics received grant funding from FARA to investigate these compounds in cellular and animal models of FA and to investigate cellular mechanisms linking receptor activation to increases in frataxin. Results of this research were published in May 2017 in Neuropharmacology - http:///science/article/pii/S0028390817302174

STATegics is now planning to launch preclinical PK-PD studies with a lead compound.

Raws Get some from an online source. When it arrives, usually no efforts are done to ensure product authenticity. TBH, I'm fairly convinced more than 50% of all UGL is merely Test E. It's cheap as fuck, thats why. Check out *XXL/Axio threads and product comments on eroids... UGL Primo? ya sure. UGL Anavar? lol are you kidding me? You CAN NOT GET OXANDROLONE POWDERS FROM CHINA!. It's banned there. The ONLY place that makes oxandrolone raws is in EU. And it's not cheap. UGL HGH? that's funny. PRODUCTION of (real) HGH costs TWICE the usual "Unknown China Source" price...

Conclusion: Underground Laboratories are illegal chemical laboratories that produce and sell steroid without permission. No health department or government agency has licensed them. Moreover neither local authorized agency nor government authority controls what standards they apply in producing steroids. What quality/security standards they use in terms of purity, consistency, strength...this means:do what you want no one could never know what fucking substance is contained there.
On the contrary pharma grade steroids manufacturers are licensed company that can sell legally steroids in some countries. The problem is that most of this countries are third world nation. In these countries corruption rate is higher that developed country hence controls, quality and security standards are poor. But they are legit company. I was forgetting to say that most UGLs are based in the same third world countries as pharma grade company to get law around. Now you have the information...flip the coin...head or tail...?????

Pharma grade steroids vs underground

pharma grade steroids vs underground


pharma grade steroids vs undergroundpharma grade steroids vs undergroundpharma grade steroids vs undergroundpharma grade steroids vs undergroundpharma grade steroids vs underground