Patrik baboumian steroide

Since 2009, Baboumian holds the log lift World Record (-105 kg division). He lifted 162,5 kg in his second attempt in the German log lift nationals 2009. 2010 Baboumian also set a new German heavyweight loglifting record with 180 kg. 2011 Baboumian competed at the loglifting world championship and placed 4th with a new German overall-record of 185 kg. On 21 May 2011 he lifted 190 kg in Turku, Finland winning the local competition. 2011 Baboumian also won the title of "Germany's Strongest Man" by winning the open division at the German strongman nationals. On September 20, 2015, Baboumian beat his own world record by completing the yoke walk with 560kg in Kitzcher, Germany. [2]

I always assumed people go vegan for health reasons. Specifically that animal proteins and fats just are bad for your health, cause cancer etc... At least this is what the vegans I've met tell me. So if that is the case for a vegan bodybuilder, I can't fathom them making such a huge decision, only to then decide to poison their bodies with chemicals that are created in a raw form in some dirty factory in China, shipped to a bro who will then brew it up in his RV somewhere in a remote desert in New Mexico, only to sell it to this vegetarian who is going to inject it directly into his body? The steroids seem a heck of a lot more unhealthy than the animals. That also assumes that even though the vegan is concerned for his health on what they will eat, they apparently don't care about their blood pressure, heart disease, high rbc count or the ability to have fully functioning balls. Granted there are ways to reduce these risks but these seem like deal breakers if you are already concerned about a Big Mac killing you. If there are vegan bodybuilders I bet they are natty.

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Patrik baboumian steroide

patrik baboumian steroide


patrik baboumian steroidepatrik baboumian steroide