Oxandrolone 10mg oxabol

The price of Anavar for 100 tablets ()  ranges anywhere from $100-$150. However, the drug is in high demand and there are a lot of reports about counterfeit Anavar formulations. Many suppliers sell fake drugs and because the buyer is performing an illegal act to begin with, he/she has little recourse. Always get your supply from a reputable dealer. Many body builders also get their supplies from Mexico, but the purity or the quality cannot be guaranteed. On the other hand, if you want to be safe and have the money, the “real” Anavar sold from the pharmacies costs anywhere from $700-1200 for 100 tablets.

Oxanabol is a gentle anabolic steroid and widely utilized by lots of athletes and body builders. Oxanabol use motive is that the drug can help anyone to gain weight.
Oxanabol (Generic Oxandrolone) is an oral fast-acting anabolic steroid. This steroid works by aiding the body to produce Testosterone, which aids in building muscle mass. Oxanabol is an oral derivate of Dihydrotestosterone, which works good for males in the dieting cycle. Oxanabol  is also extensively used due to its preserving and regenerative influence on muscle tissue. 

Oxandrolone 10mg oxabol

oxandrolone 10mg oxabol


oxandrolone 10mg oxaboloxandrolone 10mg oxaboloxandrolone 10mg oxaboloxandrolone 10mg oxaboloxandrolone 10mg oxabol