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E-mails were sent asking members to "please help [Gearbox] obtain the most accurate up to date information for your First Access profile." Members were then prompted to choose their preferred platform of choice for the Duke Nukem Forever demo by May 15, 2011. It then stated that "users that currently live in a territory where the demo may not be supported on console will automatically be defaulted to the PC Steam option." Gearbox sent a second e-mail to First Access Members in conjunction with a video showing that the Duke Nukem Forever demo was released on June 3, 2011.

Emma Bolger , actress, Heidi (2005), 22; Alfred Brendel , pianist, 87; Juan Carlos I , the former King of Spain (1975-2014), 80; Prof David Canter , psychologist and pioneer of “offender profiling”, 74; Bradley Cooper , actor, American Sniper (2014), 43; Sir Brian Crowe , diplomat and director-general, external and defence affairs, Council of the European Union (1994-2002), 80; Robert Duvall , actor, The Godfather films (1972-74), 87; Prof Sir David Eastwood , vice-chancellor, University of Birmingham, 59; Lord (Peter) Goldsmith , chairman, Access to Justice Foundation, attorney-general (2001-07), 68; Gen Sir Timothy Granville-Chapman , director, Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre, 71; Tom Holland , historian and author, Dynasty (2015), 50; January Jones , actress, Mad Men (2007-15), and model, 40; Vinnie Jones , actor, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998), and former footballer, 53; Diane Keaton , actress, Annie Hall (1977), Hampstead (2017), 72; Jan Leeming , TV presenter and newsreader, 76; Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg (reigned 1964-2000), 97; Brendan Maher , hurler, Tipperary senior team hurling captain, 29; Jimmy Mulville , comedian and producer, Have I Got News for You (1990-96, 1998-2001), 63; Gen Sir Michael Rose , commander, 22 SAS Regiment during the Falklands conflict, adjutant-general (1995-97) and author, Washington’s War (2007), 78; Roger Spottiswoode , film director, Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), 73; Chris Stein , co-founder and guitarist of Blondie, 68; Suki Waterhouse , actress, The Girl Who Invented Kissing (2017), 26; Frank-Walter Steinmeier , president of Germany, 62; Iwan Thomas , sprinter, European and Commonwealth champion (1998), 44.

The military is above all the most prized element of the Helghan Empire. The vast majority of the Helghan Nation's resources are spent on the military and Visari's propaganda-related structures in Pyrrhus , leaving very little for the average Helghast civilian's well-being. Also, many high ranking officials in the Helghast military hold very little compassion for their own soldiers or even Helghast civilians in general, let alone any shown to the people of Vekta and anywhere else in the galaxy. The Helghast military's extensive damage inflicted towards Vekta, and the detonation of a nuke in their own capital of Pyrrhus shows their deep hatred for human life and complete disregard for collateral damage, only having a total commitment to their objectives no matter the cost.

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