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A 2016 phase 1–2 prospective study orally administered 800 mg per day to 27 patients with telomere diseases. The primary efficacy endpoint was a 20% reduction in the annual rate of telomere attrition measured. Toxic effects formed the primary safety endpoint. The study was halted early, after telomere attrition was reduced in all 12 patients who could be evaluated. 12 of 27 patients achieved the primary efficacy end point, 11 of whom increased telomere length at 24 months. Hematologic responses (secondary efficacy endpoint) occurred in 10 of 12 patients who could be evaluated at 24 months. Elevated liver-enzyme levels and muscle cramps (known adverse effects) of grade 2 or less occurred in 41% and 33% of the patients, respectively. [37]

This is a sign that the body is shedding fat while building muscle. Typically if bodyweight on the scale drops, this is a sign that the caloric deficit is too low and either energy system training (cardio and HIIT) needs to be dropped or caloric intake during the low calorie/low carb portion needs to be increased. Some may find they can get away with little to no cardio and just follow the diet, but most will need at least 3 sessions per week. If cardio and HIIT sessions are to be scaled back it is best to eliminate those sessions on the weight training days (regular cardio) rather than eliminating those done on the off days (HIIT).

Gain anabolic 6000

gain anabolic 6000


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