Eggsteroids viking lander location

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The final set of components to be modeled were the boom supports and guides: SSAA Boom Guides Right- 4000x2812 MB SSAA Boom Guides Exploded Right- 4000x2812 MB
Here are the support guides fitted to the surface sampler:
SSAA Housing Left-Front- 4000x2812 MB
Here is the unit in place on the overall (work-in-progress, very incomplete) Viking lander:
VL With SSAA and SSCH Extended Sidebeam 2 4000x2812 MB VL With SSAA Center- 4000x2812 MB

Eggsteroids viking lander location

eggsteroids viking lander location


eggsteroids viking lander locationeggsteroids viking lander locationeggsteroids viking lander location