American runner steroids

Clearly, stereotypes involving steroid users need to be re-evaluated. While the physiques of marathon runners are at the opposite end of the muscularity spectrum as bodybuilders, both groups benefit from the performance-enhancing effects of anabolic steroids. The pattern of steroid use by endurance athletes is dramatically different from the patter of use by strength athletes. Whereas, bodybuilders seek maximum muscle hypertrophy and strength, endurance athletes try to avoid any gains in muscular size. Instead, runners want to enhance their recovery ability.

It thus becomes quite impossible to believe in any theory that speaks of "boosting" power in modern times, simply because there has been no such boost . Here's a blow-up graph of the so-called "steroid era", starting at 1982 (because 1981 was strike-shortened and thus not a good data point). Understand that in this graph nothing has been "spliced out" save the single ball juicing of 1993/1994 (whether 1993 was or was not post-juicing is still debated); the numbers on the left would change were earlier splicings and wartime smoothings dropped, but the shape and scale of the graph would be unchanged.

American runner steroids

american runner steroids


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